James Lindsay: Critical Race Theory Is The New Form of Marxism [Part 1] | Teaser

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Critical Race Theory is now being pushed in every institution, from schools to the military, and from businesses to online platforms. While it is often criticized as having links to Marxism, the direct connections are often blurry. James Lindsay, bestselling author and founder of New Discourses, said that he initially didn’t believe there was a direct connection between CRT and Marxism, but after researching this in-depth he has found undeniable ties, and is now declaring that Critical Race Theory is not just a Marxist-inspired system. Instead, he says, it’s the new form of Marxism, which he describes in his new book, "Race Marxism: The Truth About Political Race Theory and Praxis." To learn more about this we’ve invited James Lindsay to speak with us.

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James Lindsay: Critical Race Theory Is The New Form of Marxism [Part 1]
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