Campaign to Protect US Athletes Against China’s ‘Genocide Games’ and Omicron COVID in Beijing


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The Chinese Communist Party has long been criticized for its record of crimes against humanity. And today, voices of concern over athletes attending the Beijing 2022 are getting louder. A new campaign aims to protect the safety of athletes in Beijing, at a time where a virus outbreak and multiple human rights abuses are happening in China.

As the situation in Beijing becomes increasingly severe due to the ongoing Omicron outbreak. A new campaign is calling for the US Olympic Committee to protect American athletes. Beijing has canceled ticket sales for the Winter games as the situation develops. Even as the Olympic restrictions are tight, with enhanced COVID protocols, Omicron’s contagious and fast spread might overwhelm Beijing’s setup. What will they do next? Lockdown the entire city? What would happen to the safety of the athletes there?

My guest today is Mr. Frank Gaffeney, the vice-chairman of the Committee on Present Danger: China. Committee on Present Danger China and Women’s Rights Without Frontiers co-sponsored this campaign. Mr. Gaffeney and I highlight the human rights atrocities the Chinese Communist Party is committing against various groups. Including religious groups like Falun Gong, Christians, Tibetans, and Uyghurs. He also discusses the difficulties of athletes supporting freedom and human rights while also having to compete in the games. And he offers the solution to the nation’s top sportsmen and women.

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Campaign to Protect US Athletes Against China’s ‘Genocide Games’ and Omicron COVID in Beijing
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