Man Suffers “Agonizing” Penile Blood Clot Caused By COVID

Man Suffers “Agonizing” Penile Blood Clot Caused By COVID

As it turns out, one man’s bodily reaction to COVID has proven that the virus truly isn’t confined to the throat and upper respiratory tract.

According to a foreign medical journal, an Iranian man has drawn the interest of doctors after reporting “agonizing” pain in his penis that turned out to have been caused by blood clots that seriously threatened the man’s sexual health.

The man, who wasn’t named in the news reports about the incident, had suffered penile pain for three days before being seen by a urologist in Iran, who referred him for tests. Keep in mind: one of the side effects of mRNA COVID jabs is they cause blood clots in the heart.

The patient’s discomfort began following an erection while having sex, according to the 41-year-old married man, who had not experienced any trauma to his pelvic area that might explain his behavior.

Scientists have learned over the course of the pandemic that COVID doesn’t just cause respiratory symptoms: One of its other features is to increase the tendency of blood to clot. In fact, this is often the cause of death.

“Roughly, 20% to 50% of hospitalized patients with COVID infection have abnormal coagulation tests,” Morteza Bagheri wrote.

“Searching the literature showed no previously published similar case of deep dorsal penile vein thrombosis following COVID infection and our patient is the first reported case,” Bagheri continued.

Penile complications have occurred in the US, too. A 69-year-old man in Ohio suffered a three-hour erection – a condition called priapism – due to blood clotting problems in his penis.

Writing in the American Journal of American Medicine, a team of medics said that they believed COVID had caused clots to form in his penis, trapping blood in the erection chambers. Doctors had to drain blood from the penis using a needle because ice packs didn’t work to bring the stiffness down.

Over in France, another man in his 60s had to go through the same procedure after COVID left him with an erection that lasted for four hours.

However, the damage caused to the man’s blood vessels during this episode could make it more difficult for him to get future erections.

None of this is news, of course: As we reported last year, one study established a link between erectile dysfunction and COVID.

“In our pilot study, we found that men who previously did not complain of erectile dysfunction developed pretty severe erectile dysfunction after the onset of COVID-19 infection,” the study’s authors wrote.

This doesn’t bode well for birth rates, which have fallen substantially in recent years in the West, as Tesla CEO Elon Musk pointed out in a series of tweets earlier this week.

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Tue, 01/18/2022 – 21:10

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