This Is Not The End: Josh’s Announcement | Crossroads


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Crossroads has unfortunately been demonetized and suppressed for more than a year by YouTube, and it doesn’t seem this will change.

So it’s with this that we’re discontinuing this channel, and starting a new one: Crossroads Highlights, which you can find here:

Media is regarded as the Fourth Estate in the United States. It’s the voice of the American people, a forum for the marketplace of ideas, and an institution that for independent oversight and investigation of government.

Unfortunately, in the current media environment, big tech and the establishment media are trying to silence independent voices.

But with this said, Crossroads will not fold. We’ll always find a way forward, and always continue to bring you the stories that matter regardless of the pressure.

With that said, please join us on our new channel: Crossroads Highlights, and don’t forget to subscribe and click the notification bell.

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Author: {Joshua Phillips}

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