“No Trust In Tesla Brand” – New Model 3 Delivered To Customer Without Brake Pad

“No Trust In Tesla Brand” – New Model 3 Delivered To Customer Without Brake Pad
Tesla owner, April Gillmore, took delivery of a new Model 3 Performance on Dec. 19, only to notice a deafening scraping sound coming from the rear. 

Gillmore put a few dozen miles on the Model 3 last month before contacting Tesla about “a grinding noise” coming from the driver-side rear wheel while driving. The Tesla Dealership on Florida Avenue in Tampa had no service appointments for inspection. They even told her the “noise was normal.” 

Gillmore told The Drive she had “never purchased a new or used vehicle that was under warranty and had this type of experience with a service department.”

“I absolutely do not trust the Tesla brand in any way. Not only did they deliver a car to me that was unsafe to drive, but they also blew me off about the noise the car was making, and now they’re dragging their feet on making things right. If they can build and ship new Model 3Ps then why can’t they repair the ones that they’ve already sold to people? I had no clue that Tesla treated their customers this way prior to this experience,” she said.

This is the latest quality control issue plaguing the Tesla brand. Last month, the company recalled nearly half a million cars for rearview camera problems that could increase cars’ crash risk. 

Over the years, some Tesla owners have reported bumpers ripping off in adverse weather conditions, roofs flying off, and trim and paneling not lining up, among many other defects. Some owners have recently had “buyers remorse” as their heaters stopped working in freezing temperatures.  

What’s mindboggling is that a trillion-dollar carmaker continues to have quality control issues. Who the hell is in charge of signing off on these defective vehicles?

Tyler Durden
Sun, 01/16/2022 – 17:00

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Author: Tyler Durden

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