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NTD News Today—1/14/2022
1. PA. GOP Lawmaker to Draft Relocation Bill
2. 2 Million Arrests on Southern Border in 2021
3. U.S. Lost Control of SW Border: Fmr CBP Head
4. Sinema, Manchin Doom Biden’s Voting Bill Push
5. Donations Surge for Sec. of State Candidates in Swing States
6. RNC Pushing Change in Presidential Debates
7. Biden Sends Military to Hospitals Amid Surge
8. Wash., Wis. Send National Guard to Hospitals
9. Illinois ICU Capacity Below 10%
10. Calif. Advances Universal Healthcare Bill
11. Parents Opt Kids Out of In-person Schooling
12. Shortages Won’t Improve for Weeks: Expert
13. Baltimore’s Top Prosecutor Indicted
14. NYC Mayor Seeks Waiver to Hire His Brother
15. Thousands of Federal Inmates to Be Released
16. Good Samaritan Robbed After Giving Coat
17. RFK Killer to Remain Behind Bars
18. EPA Coal Plant Shutdown Upsets Wyoming
19. Newsom Outlines Ca Infrastructure Investment
20. FDA Deregulates French Dressing
21. Immigration Minister Cancels Djokovic Visa
22. NFL Says Super Bowl Will Be at Full Capacity
23. A Glance at Beijing’s Sealed Olympic Bubble
24. Brit Olympians Offered New Phones for Games
25. Sharp Rocks and Sleepless Nights for Taiwan’s Frogmen
26. Eurostar Train Arrives in Paris After France Eases Travel Restrictions
27. Has the UK PM’s Apology Won Over the Public?
28. New Dutch Government to Ease Lockdown
29. DHL Opens Sorting Center in Israel
30. Spain: Badger Leads to Hoard of Roman Coins
31. Demand Grows for Naturally-colored Wool
32. Enjoy the Power of Music

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