Roe v. Wade in the balance: SCOTUS hears challenge to state law banning abortion after 15 weeks

The Supreme Court has a conservative majority that may alter abortion precedent.

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Author: {Just The News}

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How hard is it keep your nose out of women's wombs, Big Brother?
1 month ago

In this, the Great Land of Cognitive Dissonance, there are some who argue against mandates while simultaneously celebrating revoking women’s bodily autonomy. According to their reasoned scientific opinion, a woman’s body, its contents stop being hers once she’s pregnant. Too many cowards stifle or avoid honest discussion, often guilty of the same bs they accuse the other side of. Too many afraid to think. If these people actually used the brains God gave them instead of letting talking heads do all their thinking for them, their arguments might hold some validity with more than just misogynists or the other indoctrinated… Read more »