Durham Probe INDICTING BROOKINGS INSTITUTION Official for Lying to Congress According to Kash Patel

BARTIROMO: And that was former Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe with me last week on this program on what he declassified, which, of course, exposed that this dossier and whole Russia collusion lie was a fabrication from Hillary Clinton.

I am back with Kash Patel right now.

And, Kash. We mentioned Fiona Hill making all of these introductions to Christopher Steele, as well as Charles Dolan. Meanwhile, she says she has no idea what they were doing. Here is a quote from her from a closed-door testimony from October of 2019, saying: "I have no knowledge whatsoever of how he developed that dossier. None. I just want to state that."

What are your thoughts on this? And give us your sense of the three indictments we have seen so far and where this is going?

PATEL: Yes, real quick on Fiona Hill.

I think John Durham is on the case here, because Fiona Hill has a credibility problem. I believe she lied to Congress there under oath. She connected the main Clinton political operative, who Devin and I had never heard of because DOJ and FBI withheld those documents from us intentionally, I believe, so.

And now John Durham has exposed that. She connects the Steele operation to the Democratic Party. And she has the gall to go on national TV or in closed-door testimony and say, I don’t know what’s going on with Steele.

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Author: H. A. Goodman

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