OSHA Stops Enforcing Biden’s Vaccine Mandate; Rittenhouse Jurors Return for 2nd Day of Deliberations

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NTD News Today—11/17/2021
1. Biden Touts Infrastructure Deal
2. WH, Democrat Leaders Looking to Pass BBB
3. U.S. Could Reach Debt Limit by December 15
4. House to Vote on Censuring Rep. Paul Gosar
5. Lawmakers Call to Defund Biden Over Vax Rule
6. 6th Circuit Chosen to Rule on Vaccine Mandate
7. GOP Formally Challenges Biden’s Osha Mandate
8. OSHA Stops Enforcing Biden’s Vaccine Mandate
9. Overdose Deaths Top 100k for 1st Time Due to Pandemic
10. Whistleblower: The FBI Is Targeting Parents
11. D.C. Rally Rejects ‘Harmful’ School Ideology
12. Catholic Bishops Debate Communion Rule
13. 164k Illegal Immigrant Encounters in October
14. Ghislaine Maxwell Jury Selection Begins
15. NTSB Seeks to Investigate Spaceflight Crashes
16. Navajo Nation Against Biden Protection Plan
17. Ethics Board Revokes Ex-gov. Cuomo Book Deal
18. Mayor Allegedly Posted Nude Photos of Ex
19. Explicit School Library Books Investigated
20. Wash. Suffers Flood Damage, Power Outages
21. SJC Airport Begins Booking Parking Online
22. Therapy Dog Comforts Kids Through Vaccination
23. U.S. Bans Nicaraguan Officials From Entering
24. France, UK Pledge to Stop 100% of Crossings
25. Vax Strategy in Place: German Christmas Fairs
26. Parisians Debate Lockdown for the Unvaxed
27. Spanish Wineries Struggle to Meet Demand
28. Holiday Lights at the Bronx Zoo
29. Ex-NFL Frank Gore Vs. Ex-NBA Deron Williams
30. “Genius” 3d-printed Steak Ready for Restaurants
31. Federer Skips Australian Open, May Skip Wimbledon
32. Masks May Be Harming Children, Study Shows
33. Longest Part Lunar Eclipse in 600 Years Coming

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