Joe Manchin rejects Biden’s 1.75T plan; 37% of truckers threaten to quit over vaccine mandate

After days of lengthy haggling, President Joe Biden headed to Capitol Hill on Thursday, looking forward to working with House Democrats to advance his revised domestic policy bill and related bipartisan infrastructure plan. When Biden later introduced the revised bill he said, “The framework will create millions of jobs and invest in our nation and people. The framework puts us on a path to win. These plans are fiscally responsible. They’re fully paid for.”

The Kaiser Family Foundation interviewed just over 1,500 randomly selected U.S. adults this month, and the final poll results show that 5 percent of unvaccinated workers, about 1 percent of all adults, have already quit their jobs because of vaccination mandates. Kaiser’s findings also show that more than a third of unvaccinated workers say they would rather quit their jobs than comply with the vaccine or testing mandates

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Joe Manchin rejects Biden’s 1.7T plan; 37% of truckers threaten to quit over vaccine mandate

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