Pentagon Says ISIS-K May Soon Be Able to Attack US; 150 Arrested for Darknet Drug Trafficking | NTD

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NTD News Today—10/27/2021
1. Dems Unveil New Corporate Minimum Tax Rate
2. Dems Insist They’ll Get a Budget Deal
3. Sen. Joe Manchin Encouraged to Switch Parties
4. Biden to Have First Meeting With Pope
5. NIH Wipes Detailed G.O.F. Research Page
6. Vax Mandate Sparks Lawsuit at Nuke Facility
7. Defense Contractor Loses Workers: Vax Mandate
8. Accidental Covid Shots at Wash. Military Base
9. County Shuts Burger Shop Over Vaccine Mandate
10. DOD: ISIS-K May Soon Be Able to Attack U.S.
11. Tiktok Exec. Testifies on China Espionage
12. 150 Arrested for Darknet Drug Trafficking
13. Border Residents on Next Caravan of Migrants
14. Mt Derailment Cause Still Under Investigation
15. Canada’s Trudeau Shuffles Cabinet Members
16. Astronauts Prepare for Launch at Space Center
17. Broadway’s ‘Phantom’ Returns to the Stage
18. Visitors Climb 1200-foot Skyscraper in NYC
19. Pollution Causes Manatee Starvation
20. Wild Horses Still Roaming the Western U.S.
21. Kobe Bryant Crash – Judge Orders Depositions
22. NBA’s Enes Kanter Fires Shots at Nike, Ccp
23. Explosion Strikes North China Chemical Plant
24. Bird Flu Variant Sparks Alarm in China
25. Haiti Gangs Block Ports, Crippling Country
26. French Law to Shield Bookstores From Amazon
27. London Winery Engages Volunteers
28. Italians Warm to the Idea of ‘Walking Steak’
29. Peru Seeking to Repopulate Vicuna Population

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