Congressman Calls on Texans to Secure Texas; Human Remains, Items Linked to Laundrie Found | NTD

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00:00 NTD Evening News—10/20/2021
01:23 Human Remains, Items Linked to Laundrie Found
03:54 WH Vaccine Rollout Plan for 5-11-Year-Olds
06:08 Lawyer: Fired Washington State Coach to Sue
07:37 Congressman Calls on Texans to Secure Texas
10:26 Blinken and Colombian President on Migration
11:27 Dems Want Climate Priorities in Budget Bill
14:17 Republicans Filibuster Democrats’ Election Bill
15:12 NYPD Disciplines Maskless Officers
17:07 NYC to Cops, Firefighters: No Vax, No Job
19:03 NYC Firefighters: Vax Should Be a Choice
20:28 Protesters Visit NYC Cafe Without Vax Proof
22:55 Burger Chain Refuses San Fran Vax Mandate
24:02 Calif. Prepares for “The Big One”
30:04 Biden’s Ambassador Nominee on China, Taiwan
32:22 China Pressures McDonald’s to Use Digital Yuan
33:24 China’s Power Shortage Threatens Car Industry
34:41 China: Vaccine Victim’s Mother Speaks Out
38:16 UK’s $36B Strategy to ‘Build Back Greener’
39:49 Net Zero: Ticking Boxes or Saving the Planet?
41:17 Explained: Britain’s Fossil Fuel Dilemma
43:15 Australia: Tennis Stars Need to Be Vaccinated
46:20 Apple’s $19 Polishing Cloth Sold Out
48:33 Google Unveils New Pixel 6 Lineup
49:11 NASA Names Hanger After Astronaut John Young
50:53 Floral Installation Honors Pandemic Dead
53:05 Polish Historian Brews Medieval White Beer

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Congressman Calls on Texans to Secure Texas; Football Coach Fired for Praying on Field | NTD

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