Live Q&A: Global Energy Crisis Could Increase Cost of Living; IRS Plans to Snoop On US Bank Accounts

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Republicans are asking President Joe Biden to reverse energy policies they refer to as “anti-American,” as the nation faces rising prices for oil, and amid concerns of rising shipping costs and heating costs during the coming winter. Also, Secretary of the Treasury Janet Yellen defended the Democrats’ plan to allow the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to retrieve Americans’ personal information from their banks, a plan Republicans have criticized since news of the proposal became public. And in other news, some Americans may be able to get a fourth vaccine shot for COVID-19. In this live Q&A with Crossroads host Joshua Philipp we discuss these stories and others, and answer questions from the audience.

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Live Q&A: Global Energy Crisis Could Increase Cost of Living; IRS Plans to Snoop in US Bank Accounts

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