Mandates Raise Vaccine Rates by Over 20%; Google YouTube Demonetize Climate Denial | NTD

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00:00 NTD Evening News—10/7/2021
02:03 Mandates Raise Vaccine Rates by Over 20%
03:40 Pfizer Seeks Vax EUA for Kids as Young as 5
05:53 Natural Immunity Better Than Vax: Pfizer Leak
08:44 Officials Confirm Seattle Woman Died From Vax
10:57 Moderna Founders Make Richest People List
11:48 Former NBA Players Charged w/ Fraud
13:35 Senate Dems Insist, ‘No Climate, No Deal’
16:53 Google YouTube Demonetize Climate Denial
17:15 Comptroller Pick Must Turn in Thesis on Marx
19:50 Texas Will Appeal Judge Decision on Abortion
20:18 Public Safety Adviser on School Shootings
22:19 Needles, Syringes Decriminalized in NY
24:13 NYC Mayor, Family Misused Security Transport
25:44 Bicycling Trending in NY During Pandemic
30:39 At Least 4 Killed by Flash Floods in Alabama
32:15 Americans Spending $175 More/Month: Inflation
33:59 Blue Angels Return to Bay Area
36:52 Calif. Bay Area Indoor Masking Lift Criteria
39:11 U.S. Sumo Wrestling Gaining Fans
41:34 Researchers Create Tightrope-Walking Robot
44:17 Floods in Northern China
46:33 Xi Jinping Cracks Down on Scammers
47:17 Huawei Hires Fmr BBC Exec. As Editor-in-Chief
48:24 French Senators Warns of Beijing’s Influence
52:41 Andy Murray Pleas for Stolen Wedding Ring
53:56 Daniel Craig’s Hollywood ‘Walk of Fame’ Star

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Mandates Raise Vaccine Rates by Over 20%; Google YouTube Demonetize Climate Denial | NTD

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