A warning about America’s Next Generation by Jeremy Adams | CLIP | The Nation Speaks

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Today’s youth are shockingly unhappy and spending their time in some troubling ways, including deep inside their #cellphones. That’s what Jeremy Adams says after 24 years in the classroom and in his new book, “Hollowed Out: A Warning About #America’s Next Generation.”

Then, in America Q&A, we ask if you think you spend too much time on your cell phone.

If you, or a young person you know, are dependent on your device, what are the warning signs that you’ve got a problem? Hilarie Cash runs an internet addiction recovery program in #Washington state called reStart. She shares the signs, impacts, and some strategies to break the cycle.

Finally, with several accidents involving autonomous vehicles making the news in recent weeks, in our second America Q&A, we ask: Do you trust self-driving cars?

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