China Locks Down Northeastern City After Discovering First Outbreak Since February

China Locks Down Northeastern City After Discovering First Outbreak Since February

China’s latest COVID outbreak continued to smolder through the mid-Autumn festival. In the Northeastern city of Harbin, where authorities imposed a new round of lockdown restrictions after discovering a single case. Another 5 new local infections were confirmed on Wednesday, bringing the total cases in the city to 8.

Officially, China has recorded fewer than 100K COVID cases and fewer than 5K deaths, although the true number may never be known. Recently, the country has seen a handful of outbreaks as new variants have finally invaded the country, overpowering China’s domestically produced COVID jabs. In total across the country, China reported a total of 16 cases Wednesday. It’s Harbin’s first outbreak since February.

Despite the negligible number of cases, authorities in Harbin imposed travel restrictions ordering residents not to leave the city while a range of venues – including spas, cinemas, karaoke halls, dancing and gaming venues and mahjong salons – have been temporarily closed.

In response to the outbreak, Harbin will conduct city-wide testing before Thursday while some venues will be shut in keeping with China’s “war-like” response to dealing with COVID. China’s virus outbreak was previously in southeastern province of Fujian..

Those approved for essential travel will need to show a green health-code pass to prove they are “safe”.

Religious sites, as well as large-scale conferences and events, have also been subject to close. Tourist attractions are required to work at half capacity and stagger the flows of people.

In order to facilitate the mass testing in Harbin, vaccinations were suspended for three days. The outbreaks keep happening despite Beijing announcing earlier this month that it has fully vaccinated 1 billion of its population against the disease, with Chinese vaccines used at the forefront of the mammoth inoculation campaign.

According to the SCMP, authorities haven’t linked the cases in Harbin to the delta variant outbreak in Fujian province, which is more than 1,400 miles away in the country’s southeast, where 13 new infections were recorded. No deaths were reported. Authorities have begun gene-sequencing efforts to determine the source.

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Wed, 09/22/2021 – 22:20

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