Gen. Milley accused of back door calls with CCP; NY State Health Care Vaccination Mandate BLOCKED

Amid the wave of vaccine mandates. In Nebraska, four female students sued Creighton University, a Jesuit Catholic institution, for refusing to grant them religious exemptions.

A federal judge on Tuesday blocked New York state’s vaccine mandate for health care workers.
Before former Gov. Andrew Cuomo resigned, he mandated health care employees be vaccinated as a condition to continue working. Seventeen medical health professionals filed an emergency lawsuit on Monday to block the mandate.

Gen. Mark Milley, his name made headlines yesterday. A new book titled “Peril,” written by Bob Woodward and Robert Costa is set to be released next week. Allegedly Milley made two secret phone calls during the final months of former President Trump’s term to CCP Gen. Li Zuocheng

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Gen. Milley allegedly made calls to CCP about Trump; NY healthcare workers vaccine mandate BLOCKED

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