MTV VMAs And The Slave Mindset

Scantily clad black women. East Coast. Light-skinned/dark-skinned discussions about presenters. I was also looking for someone to follow the conversation up with "all that education don’t matter". On the plantation, the master elevated his biracial children. No one could read or write. Black worth was related to the sexual marketplace of the black body to the white male and female slavemaster.

Meanwhile, out west Oberlin College and my Alma mater was admitting black women to college. DuSable founded Chicago. Alot of black men and their white wives found safety in the Midwestern mountains as white male colonists settled the thirteen colonies.. Alot of firsts for the black race happened in the midwest.

The remnants are still in our culture and discussions today as black people. Light/dark discussions were just something I never thought of while living on the west coast. I didn’t have much trouble attracting men. My talent was/is more important…

Do you realize how the conversation continues to go in circles with no solution in sight? I found my solution for mental wellness. Find yours.

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Author: {Ashley Loren}