Biden’s Cryptocurrency Crash Begins as He Teams with Facebook to Regulate Bitcoin

Facebook, Biden officials poised for clash as tech giant seeks approval for new global payments system

Popular Trader Calls Biden Presidency ‘a Big Negative Factor for Bitcoin’

US supply chain shortages and the consequences

the semiconductor shortage

Fed warns of hidden leverage lurking in financial system

Credit Suisse ignored ‘warning signals’ before losing billions in hedge fund collapse – CNN

Regulators around the world monitor collapse of US hedge fund

A massive bet on highly secretive derivatives may have sunk Archegos hedge fund – Fortune

How many funds are a margin call away from failing like Archegos? — Quartz

Here are the complex bets at the heart of ‘unprecedented’ Archegos-linked $30 billion margin call

Margin debt hit another record high in March to top $822 billion, according to FINRA data

Hedge fund assets soar to record high amid boom in trading profits

How many hedge funds are a margin call away from Archegos-style implosion?

What Caused the Biggest Jobs Miss on Record?

Uh-Oh! Market Leverage At All-Time High

More than 11 million Americans are behind on their rent and many could face eviction when the national housing protection expires in June.

Consumer prices rising at fastest pace since 2008

Prices keep soaring: Inflation rockets to a 13-year high

An economy that was expected to grow at a sizzling 7% annual pace from July through September is now seen expanding at a more modest 3% to 3.5% clip, Wall Street DJIA, -0.76% forecasts show.

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Author: H. A. Goodman