NYC Artist’s Tribute to 13 Fallen Troops: Virginia: Gen. Lee Confederate Statue Removed | NTD

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00:00 NTD Evening News—9/8/2021
01:15 Biden to Oust Trump Appointees From Boards
02:01 Taliban Not Allowing Charter Flights to Leave
04:07 NYC Artist’s Tribute to 13 Fallen Troops
06:58 Gov. Hochul, Bloomberg Visit 9/11 Memorial
09:13 NYC Honors First Responders to 9/11 Attack
09:56 Officer Shares Personal 9/11 Story
11:40 NYC’s Financial District Remade After 9/11
13:26 Virginia: Gen. Lee Confederate Statue Removed
14:26 Historian: Removal Won’t Fix Societal Issues
16:12 Historian Shares Perspective on Robert E. Lee
18:48 Tripwire CEO Steps Down After Pro-Life Tweet
21:32 Utah School Teacher Resigns Over Curriculum
25:41 Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade to Be In-Person
27:04 Tesla Car Cam Catches Man Faking Hit and Run
30:37 After Delays, Theranos Fraud Trial Kicks Off
32:06 Calif. Recall Election Standoff, Harris Visit
34:20 BlackRock Responds to Soros’ China Criticism
36:20 HK Police Arrest Tiananmen Vigil Organizers
38:39 Indonesia: At Least 41 Killed in Prison Fire
39:24 Brazilian Independence Day Protests
40:39 Protests Cloud El Salvador’s Bitcoin Rollout
42:38 Trial Begins Over Paris Terrorist Attack
44:41 French Doctors Facing Threats During Pandemic
48:00 Viking Invasion Sees History Brought to Life
51:10 Exotic Fruit: A Gardener’s Secrets Revealed
53:03 City Uses Lego to Explain Annual Budget

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