PHOTOS: Al Sharpton, the Acceptable Face of Anti-Semitism

Despite his instigating role in the Crown Heights riot, the worst outbreak of anti-Semitic violence in modern American history, Al Sharpton has been embraced as a respected member of the country’s social elite. Celebrities, cultural icons, politicians, and journalists alike—you haven’t really made it until you’ve been photographed with Sharpton, the acceptable face of anti-Semitism.

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Louis Farrakhan

Yasser Arafat

Jesse Jackson

Ilhan Omar

Andrew Cuomo

Bill Cosby

Chris Matthews

Michael Jackson

Janet Jackson / Jermaine Dupri

Moby / Al Franken

Don King / Terry McAuliffe

Oprah Winfrey / Marion Barry / Danny Glover

Michael Bloomberg

Tucker Carlson

Al Roker

Andy Cohen

Chuck Schumer / Joy Reid

Jussie Smollett

Mariah Carey

Bill Clinton 

Hillary Clinton

Donald Trump

Mike Tyson

Newt Gingrich

Leon Panetta 

John Kerry

John Edwards / Howard Dean

Will Ferrell


Robert De Niro

Samuel L. Jackson

George W. Bush

Karl Rove

Cindy Sheehan

Jerry Falwell

Bill de Blasio

Pete Buttigieg 

Spike Lee

Tyler Perry

Susan Sarandon

Denzel Washington

Jimmy Carter

Barack Obama

Bernie Sanders

Elizabeth Warren

Nancy Pelosi

Kamala Harris

Joe Biden

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