What makes Tesla different from other electric cars?

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What makes Tesla different from other electric cars?

Around 328,000 electric vehicles were bought by Americans in 2020 but around 75% of those EVs sold were from just one brand. Yes, you guessed it right, it was Tesla. Tesla Motors accounts for about 80% of the EV market in the country. And even if EV sales constitute about 2% of the total car sales in the US, the Silicon Valley automaker has the largest share in the EV pie.

What’s more interesting though is the fact that Tesla has been able to establish a near-monopoly in the EV business in less than a decade’s time. There are many companies that have been building and selling cars for over 100 years but none of them have been able to build a product that would challenge Tesla.

Now, the reason why it has been doing better in the EV space than any other automaker is that it just isn’t another auto company. Tesla identifies itself as a tech rather than just a carmaker that’s what makes the difference. They have always been about disrupting the existing business models – right from building crazy high-performance electric cars to developing and pioneering autonomous driving systems, needless to say, they have always been at the forefront of innovation and have continuously come up with new and better tech. Unlike other automakers, Tesla hasn’t shown any interest in developing run-of-the-mill products and that’s what sets it apart from other automakers.

Tesla’s best brand ambassador is its founder and CEO, Elon Musk. Musk started the company with the mission of accelerating sustainable transport systems by bringing compelling electric cars to the market. And in this quest of making electric cars mainstream, Elon Musk has been able to capture a very loyal fan following. Tesla doesn’t need a celebrity to market their products; the antics of the company’s CEO draw an audience better than anybody else.

The unique sales model of the electric car manufacturer further gives it an edge over all the others. Almost all other car companies franchise out dealerships and sell their cars through these networks while that’s not quite the case with it. Tesla doesn’t franchise its dealerships but sets up showrooms themselves. The staff in the showrooms is appointed by them directly, and so buyers get the same level of service and satisfaction at all the dealerships. Moreover, they are the ones that pioneered online sales of cars. They sell their cars directly to the buyers via its website and deliver them to the buyer’s doorstep. No other car company ever had such a service and only a few have come up with such facilities in the post-COVID-19 era.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

On top of this, Tesla set up its own service centers without relying on third-party associates. Moreover, Tesla also has a very unique and efficient model of doorstep servicing, and have even set up a fleet of service executes of what they call ‘Tesla Rangers’. If your service is scheduled, a team of Tesla Rangers would come to your place, fix your car, take it to the service station if required and bring it back to you. There’s hardly an automaker that offers this kind of hassle-free service. On top of all this, their cars use highly advanced telemetrics and are constantly sending data back to the company. So, if the Rangers spot any anomalies in the data being received from your car, they can fix the issues with the car wirelessly.

Other automakers have slowly started to realize the potential of electric cars and have started adding up electric cars to their lineups. However, these automakers have very limited charging options to offer to their buyers. On the other hand, Tesla has invested heavily since its early days in setting up an extensive network of charging stations of its own. The Supercharger network has been a key in buyers readily adopting Tesla’s and putting their money on them. Range anxiety, fast charging, and availability of charging stations are the biggest hurdles in the adoption of electric vehicles and they have nailed it by setting up a very vast and reliable network of its own charging points. While other automakers are working on developing the charging infrastructure, none of them has quite been able to achieve the standards set by them.

And finally what really sets Tesla cars apart from other EVs in the market is the whole bunch of features that they come loaded with. Their cars come with the best acceleration and range numbers and charging times in their respective segments. It is the company that changed the perception of electric cars. Plus the tech features like Autopilot that enables the car to steer, accelerate and brake automatically for vehicles and pedestrians is unique to Tesla cars. And then come to those gimmicky, out-of-the-world things like a large 17-inch touchscreen display, a Yoke steering wheel, or the crazy easter eggs like the celebration mode, no other car offers such radical features as them. Their cars are just so very different from the cars from the mainstream automakers.

While we stated above that Tesla identifies itself as a tech company, however, it’s real ambitions are to be an integrated and sustainable energy solutions company and the company believes that the car business is just one of the ways that will drive them towards this goal. Tesla also has a range of home batteries called Powerwall that basically store energy to power homes and even commercial spaces. The Powerwalls are powered by Solar Roofs; Solar Roof is yet another disruptive product by Tesla that is built to efficiently harvest energy from the Sun to directly power homes and even commercial and industrial spaces.

Long story short, what makes Tesla cars different than the others is the company’s vision. It doesn’t just restrict itself to build and sell cars. It is driven by the ambition of transforming the mobility space and building sustainable and energy-efficient transportation solutions. And not just that, it focuses on bringing disruption in every single area that’s associated with the auto world- right from the way cars are sold to the way they are driven, it has set a benchmark of its own. And these ambitions and ideals have helped Tesla become successful and the company certainly will keep growing with time as it continues to drive in and introduce mad ideas and concepts to the world. 

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