Biden Begs OPEC to Pump More Oil, Like a Weak and Pathetic Little Baby

Biden Begs OPEC to Pump More Oil, Like a Weak and Pathetic Little Baby

Meanwhile he is "really serious" about climate change.


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Author: Styxhexenhammer666

One thought on “Biden Begs OPEC to Pump More Oil, Like a Weak and Pathetic Little Baby”

  1. You are the typical uninformed and misdirection specialist. Corporations rule the economy, finance and military. Until 2015 it was illegal to export domestic oil. Why did that change? because like most american corporations they became greedy and wanted to sell on the world market for more than they could charge and produce here. Enter fracking and grow our domestic output to one of the top 2 producers. What happens when your largest customer becomes your biggest competitor??? You cut off their legs..flood the market and drop the price which in turn chokes the US fracking market into bankruptcy. Saudi oil is near the surface is cost of a barrel production is $10-12 per barrel…not much different in Russia. US fracking can’t make money until about $45 to 50 dollars per barrel. Do your research, we guarantied to protect Saudi territory in exchange for them only accepting payment in US dollars. At the time Nixon declared that we were not paying the 10 % in gold on called bonds (completely off the gold standard) so we could print money at will. Kissinger negotiated the deal of protection for the petrol dollar. This single movement clamed the world trade and secured the US monetary system. Do you really believe that Russia, CHina, India and a few others have been attempting to price oil exports in their own currencies. In full truth we do not need to import a single gallon of oil but we still do, do a little research and you might be amazed. On another angle fracking uses billions of gallons of water to produce a single producing well. In fact the cost of bring water to a fracking site is often the single highest cost and kills many opportunities. All this water is not reclaimed and what is is no longer potable. Because of proprietary formulas that are pumped into the ground we do not even know what is pumped below the surface by the billions of gallons per well. Get off your globalization rants and take a look around sometimes greed is just greed!!