Making Your Own Vaccine Card

A CDC vaccination card indicates that a person received a first dose of the Moderna vaccine.
Moderna has TWO Shots: PART A and PART B

The Most Important Thing To Remember When Making Your Own Vaccine Card:

CHANGE THE CDC LOGO, So you will not get arrested for fraud.

As long as the logo is NOT the same or identical to the CDC Logo, you will NOT be infringing upon the copy-write of the CDC.

6 Ways to Protect Your COVID-19 Vaccine Card | The Strategist
People buying fake COVID-19 vaccination cards online |

Keep Your Covid-19 Vaccination Card Safe — You're Going To Need It

Remember: When making your own vaccine card, most vaccines require TWO DOSES.

Make sure you copy down the information correctly.

When making your own card, it’s important if not crucial to make sure y0u have the correct vaccine with 2 parts for the vaccines that have 2 doses and ONE part for the single shot vaccines.

Add an extra layer of credibility to your vaccine card by buying a pre-made cover from Amazon.

Be ahead of the curve with a passport cover, also available on Amazon.

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