[Trailer] Why Was the Head of a British Pharmaceutical Involved in Setting the Virus Narrative?

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Jeremy Farrar is the Head of the UK’s Wellcome Trust – one of the world’s largest charitable trusts.

He and his organization were deeply involved in the early Covid response.

Farrar also spearheaded efforts to suppress the lab leak theory.

We know this because of Farrar’s documented participation in a secret teleconference that he organized with Dr. Anthony Fauci in early 2020.

In the prelude to the Farrar-organized teleconference, another participant, Kristian Andersen made clear that he believed the virus had been engineered (p. 3187).

The lab leak theory is now regarded as the most viable explanation for the virus’s origin.

But Farrar’s group – despite their internal beliefs – immediately went about promoting the Natural Origins theory.

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Why Was the Head of a British Pharmaceutical Involved in Setting the Virus Narrative?
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