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When I read the news about the Biden administration pushing a door-to-door COVID vaccination team, I didn’t think much of it. It was more humorous than serious. It was yet another gaffe, I thought.

After watching Health and Human Services Chairman Xavier Beccera on CNN last week claim it was the government’s right to know who got the vaccine and who didn’t, it now sounds like a nightmare. I see that this is serious and sinister.

A government becoming a door-to-door salesman for a vaccine that is far from 100 percent effective is dangerous. Instead, they should show details of cases and deaths by vaccines injected, or unvaccinated, and let people choose. Make the vaccines available, too.

That is a much better way to succeed than this pushy technique—not to mention there are HIPPA violations proposed here.

The vaccine is widely available. Get it or don’t, who cares. In a free society, we’re faced with choices. Those choices have consequences. It’s really not the government’s place to further push people to get vaccines. Put out a few PSAs and call it a day. You’ve already done enough. Now go away.

People need to start thinking on their own instead of listening to media hype and many politicians. Do some research and make your own decisions. Quite frankly, I’d like to see an approval by the FDA, and then I’ll still do my own thinking. I remember the swine flu vaccine, and people had some very bad reactions to that. Myocarditis is something I don’t want and don’t want my children to have either—especially if they did get COVID, the recovery rate is very high. When a virus has been hyped, like I believe this one has been, and the vaccine pushed as much as this one has been, my antenna goes up very high.

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