Is the US Decoupling With China Now?; Chinese Channel Threaten Nuclear War On Japan

00:00 US-China On Route to Decoupling
08:57 Xi Jinping’s Road To Becoming Supreme Leader
14:24 Japan’s Defense New Report: Taiwan Stability

What are the conditions for the US and China to decouple completely? Will sanctions do the trick? This is the conversation to predict the future of the US and China’s economic development toward decoupling.

We also discuss where Xi Jinping is taking the CCP ideologically. What does he want to do to further consolidate power? We outline the process in which Xi Jinping might use to make him achieve the same status as Mao Zedong, the first chairman of the CCP.

Also, Japan released a new defense white paper. It specifically says once again. Taiwan is a part of Japan’s stability in the Eastern region. We discuss what are the implications for both the US and China.

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