The CCP: “3 Cases Only” Of Covid; Peter Daszak Off Committee: GOP 8 Plans Of COVID Investigation

00:00 Intro
01:08 Apple Daily forced to shut down by pro-CCP government: "Democracy Dies in Darkness"
08:32 Delta Variant Hits South China: Authorities claim 3 cases at the moment
15:28 Peter Daszak Off Covid Committee; GOP Might Campaign on COVID Investigation

Hong Kong’s Apple Daily was robbed by the regime. They may be shutting down. We discuss why Americans should be concerned about this. The delta variant of the CCP virus is concerning. China’s locked down its province. But only 100 cases are confirmed in a province of 120 million people? Is that real? Plus Kevin McCarthy lists eight pillars of holding the CCP accountable for the virus. Last, Peter Daszak is taken off the COVID committee, big things are coming.

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The CCP: "3 Cases Only" Of Covid; Peter Dazak Off Committee: GOP 8 Plans Of Covid Investigation
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