“You’re Emotionally And Mentally Abusing Children”: Mom Goes Nuclear On School Board Over CRT, BLM ‘Indoctrination’

“You’re Emotionally And Mentally Abusing Children”: Mom Goes Nuclear On School Board Over CRT, BLM ‘Indoctrination’

A New York parent brought the heat to members of the Carmel Central School District board for ’emotionally abusing’ children by ‘indoctrinating them with communist values.’

In comments at a school board business meeting in Putnam County, NY on Thursday, parent Tatiyana Ibrahim – whose child is a student, slammed the educators for promoting Critical Race Theory (CRT), Black Lives Matter, LGBTQ and anti-police ideologies both on and off campus.

“Stop indoctrinating our children. Stop teaching our children to hate the police. Stop teaching our children that if they don’t agree with the LGBT community that they’re homophobic. You have no idea each child’s life,” she said, adding “You don’t know what their family lifestyle consists of, you don’t know the makeup of their life.”


Ibrahim shut down school board members’ objections several times – in between calling out two teachers for posting their political beliefs online. When board members told her she wasn’t allowed to reference people by name, Ibrahim claimed those teachers called “for the death of a former president,” and that students who don’t support Black Lives Matter should be “canceled out.”

“Why are we not allowed to say names? Why am I not allowed when they purposefully expose themselves on social media, talking about calling for the death of a former president, or saying that any child who doesn’t believe in Black Lives Matter should be canceled out. Is this what my tax dollars are paying for?” she asked.

“You’re emotionally abusing our children and mentally abusing them,” Ibrahim continued. “You’re demoralizing them by teaching them communist values, this is still America, ma’am.”


Tyler Durden
Mon, 06/07/2021 – 18:00

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One thought on ““You’re Emotionally And Mentally Abusing Children”: Mom Goes Nuclear On School Board Over CRT, BLM ‘Indoctrination’”

  1. Good for her! We need more people like her, willing to stand up and confront the BS. All my children went to public schools, I had to go to the school numerous times to confont issues like having a refusal to respond when spoken to day in support of lgbtqi+, wanting a “mandatory,” mediation between my daughter and the girl who pulled her out of class while her friend blocked the teacher from entering the hall and assaulted her and tried to take her pants off and egged our house, shutting down and threatening disciplinary action against a group of kids having a silent prayer circle, while simultaniously providing a room and staff monitor for 1 kid to worship satan. These are just a few examples. Now we’re getting ready to enroll our grandson (we have custody) in the fall, however the governor, Jay Inslee, aka Jadolf, has signed into law that CRT will be taught in all our schools. Now, because we dont want our grandchild subjected to thinly veiled racist idology, marxism/communism, and graphic and inappropriate sexualization starting in kindergarten we are enrolling him in a private school to the tune of $700+ a month. I know this is “our choice,” but is it really? Its either throw him to the wolves and let his color blind, kind, caring demeanor destroyed or spend the 10k a year to protect him and teach him core education fundementals. A choice we shouldn’t have to make.