The Wuhan Games and Election Integrity

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Buckle up, because the introduction is just as good as the rest of the video. I go over how I believe COVID was introduced to the world from the Wuhan lab and use actual data to prove it, and then we get into a hardcore discussion about election integrity. If you aren’t reading UDC, you really are missing out.

Could CDC Data Prove COVID-19 Infections in November 2019?

Beanz flies solo today and does a full and comprehensive breakdown of election integrity efforts across the country. She dives in deep to AZ, NH, and PA, and gives you a play-by-play and commentary. Then, it’s on to COVID and the vaccine, and all of the creative new ways they have found to get unsuspecting folks to take the jab. It is a busy show, albeit sans Frank,
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Author: Tracy Beanz