DeSantis Pardon Covid Lockdown Offenses; US’s Lack Of Action For Israel

00:00 DeSantis Pardon Covid Violations in Flordia; Falun Gong Celebrates the 29th Anniversary
08:07 Israel vs. Hamas Situation Assessment
15:00 Chinese Student "Suicide" Release New CCTV Footage

Governor DeSantis will pardon those who were charged for violating covid lockdown rules. This as we discuss the unfair treatment of churches during the pandemic. Then we dive into the 2020 religious freedom report from the state department. As well, look at the 29th Anniversary of Falun Dafa, a spiritual meditation with its adherents facing ongoing persecution in China.

Then we jump into the analysis of Israel vs Palestine. Where the US can position itself in this conflict. As THE ally of the United States in the Middle East, Biden’s stance on Israel will indicate how the situation evolves. This as troops are readying at the border of Gaza from the Israel side.

Last, a quick update on the Chinese student who passed away from his apparent suicide. New CCTV footage has gotten people questioning the death, which the parents still have yet to get the full story.

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DeSantis Pardon Covid Lockdown Offenses; US’s Lack Of Action For Israel

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