Epoch Times Reporter Attacked in Hong Kong!; Colonial Pipeline Burst: Behind The Politics

00:00 Tesla In China Facing More Pressure
06:52 China Propaganda Spending All-Time High
13:39 Hong Kong Epoch Times Reporter Attacked
16:27 Colonial Pipeline Attack: Republicans Outraged

An Epoch Times Hong Kong edition reporter was attacked by an unknown assailant. Just weeks after setting fire to the printing house, it seems the CCP is likely involved. There is four other incidents throughout this and last year threatening press freedom in Hong Kong.

Gas prices in the US are rising, as the Colonial Pipeline was hacked by allegedly Russian firmware, Darkside. As it develops, Republicans are calling on Biden to do something meaningful.

Tesla’s position in China is getting worse, they might be looking to leave the country, but could they? Tesla must balance income from the Chinese market or freedom,

The CCP tops all countries in 2020’s propaganda budget, and we discuss lying becoming a normal thing in China. That as the country experiences more lies to their own people and more lies to the world.

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Epoch Times Reporter Attacked in Hong Kong!; Colonial Pipeline Burst: Behind The Politics

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