The CCP’s “Magical Weapons”; How Trump’s Strong Approach Changed The Beijing Dialogue

00:00 Unrestricted Warfare Against the World
05:43 CCP’s Three Magical Weapons
12:09 New Zealand Case Study: NZ Cave Into Pressure
16:20 Taiwan Case Study: How China Attempts to Gray Zone Attack The Island

This special episode is all about diving into the mindset of performing unrestricted warfare against the world. How this was deterred under Trump, but still never stopped. While it pressures island nations like Taiwan and New Zealand, aiming to destroy the US-based alliances, it also strengthens the CCP’s own interests in the region.

Through concepts that Xi Jinping calls "magical weapons", the likes of United Front work serve as the central guiding actions to destroy the west. A new front for war, unrestricted warfare is the latest and the most comprehensive way to defeat the world. The CCP’s ambition must be stopped.

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The CCP’s "Magical Weapons"; How Trump’s Strong Approach Changed The Beijing Dialogue

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