FBI Spy On Trump and Giuliani; CCP Account Make Fun of India Death

00:00 FBI Spying on Trump, Giuliani and CCP Control Internet
10:25 US News: US News, Border
14:36 China Official Web Accounts Making Fun of India’s Covid Situation

In leaked documents, the CCP’s plan to dominate the global internet is revealed. They want to control global traffic and information management. Not so fast, the US is trying to one-up the CCP on spying efforts against its own citizens. FBI is doing their best to imitate the CCP and spying on right side people like Trump and Giuliani.

That and official accounts of the CCP is making a joke out of India’s deadly covid cases and it drew backlash even in China. We break down all that and more on this episode.

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FBI Spy On Trump and Giuliani; CCP Account Make Fun of India Death

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