NYT opinion piece claims being ‘targeted’ is a mental illness

(INTELLIHUB) — A New York Times article titled United States of Paranoia: They See Gangs of Stalkers reveals the true extent to which the mainstream media will explain away the concept of targeting and targeted individuals, also known as T.I.s.

In the piece–and that is what it is a piece–the author, who I won’t lend any attention to by naming, tried to make it look like targeted individuals suffer from a “mental illness” by discrediting tens-of-thousands of accounts found online. The author suggests that anyone who believes in “gang stalking” or believes that they have seen “operatives” could be nuts altogether.

Moreover, the report claims mental health specialists have found “these individuals represent an alarming development in the history of mental illness” and represent “thousands of sick people” who’ve “banded together and demanding recognition on the basis of shared paranoias.”

This online community is nothing more than an “‘echo chamber’ of paranoia,” writes the author.

The piece also claims these individuals can become violent.

According to the author: “Many in the community, for example, are convinced that Aaron Alexis, who killed 12 people at the Washington Navy Yard in 2013, was a victim. Mr. Alexis, a former sailor, left behind a document accusing the Navy of attacking his brain with ‘extremely low frequency’ electromagnetic waves. On the side of his shotgun were etched the words ‘my elf weapon.’”

But rest assured, Targeted Individuals do exist. So do the targeting operations that target them, which are often run by private companies, as pointed out by the former Intellihub writer dubbed XKeycore.

“The operations of the private companies run the gamut from street-level tasking to tactical and offensive, weaponized-software deployment against innocent Americans. Now the U.S. has its own groups of militarized and federalized cyber-warriors. The most common groups are the FBI’s DITU — Data Intercept Technology Unit (run by an individual with a degree in law and psychology), the NSA of course, The NSA TAO (Tailored Access Operations), and Cyber-Command. Both the NSA and Cyber-Command are based at Fort Meade in Maryland.”

Making matters worse, XKeyscore goes on in the report to detail that these private companies typically target “anyone who has been illegally and unconstitutionally watch-listed as a domestic threat.”

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