Lindell braves Kimmel’s den; MAGA rallies may soon return; Tim Scott shreds Biden’s first address

People recognized The Epoch Times for defending President Trump’s legal challenge in the past election. Since January 20th, Trump hasn’t made any public appearance except his CPAC speech. But according to multiple new sources on Wednesday, Trump may resume his political rallies as early as May.

After hearing Biden’s first address to Congress, Republican Sen. Tim Scott from South Carolina made an excellent comment on Biden’s first 100 days. Scott described Biden’s speech as “EMPTY platitudes.” As a African American himself, Scott also revealed the true intentions behind Biden’s attack on Georgia’s new voting law.

Lindell didn’t attack Kimmel or the Left. Instead, he stood his ground armed with nothing but the truth and his faith. Lindell described the circumstances under which he met president Trump, and how he was subsequently attacked by the mainstream and before that he was a media darling.

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MAGA rallies may soon return;Biden’s first address blasted by Tim Scott; Lindell braves Kimmel’s den

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