LeBron James Backlash For His Comment on Ohio Police; DC Statehood Bill Pass House

Read Andrew Gutman’s Letter to Brearly School: https://www.newsweek.com/what-andrew-gutman-letter-brearley-school-decrying-anti-racism-policies-said-1584918

00:00 DC statehood bill voted and passed House
01:12 Climate meeting: Xi and Biden set unrealistic goals
05:44 LeBron James under fire for comment on Ohio police-involved shooting
12:40 Brearly School Letter From Andrew Gutman
16:20 Iran legislation from Republicans: Maximum Pressure Act

The biggest news tonight is Lebron James under fire from both Republicans and Democrats for his attempt at commenting on a police shooting from Ohio. In a now-deleted tweet, he called for the conviction of a police officer who protected the community.

Brearly School, a prestigious private all-girls school is now in the news. They teach critical race theory. A letter from a parent well documents the situation and he wants answers.

The climate meeting between Biden and world leaders is underway. They are setting goals the CCP knows they won’t fulfill.

All that and more.

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LeBron James Backlash For His Comment on Ohio Police; DC Statehood Bill Pass House
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