Chauvin verdict influenced by Biden, Waters & riot threats;Biden gives Orwellian orders to ICE & CBP

News is overwhelmed with DerekChauvin found guilty on all three charges. But did Chauvin get a fair trial? 3 days before the conviction, Maxine Waters incited the riots. Hours before, Biden told Americans he’s praying for the right verdict. The jury wasn’t even sequestered after the police shooting of Daunte Wright, which sparked massive protest in Minneapolis …

On Monday, the Biden administration sent memos to federal immigration officials, ordering them to stop using terms such as “alien,” “illegal alien,” and “assimilation” in official documents and statements. These ban on terms are Orwellian and are designed to cover up the truth.

Education is also earmarked on Biden’s infrastructure bill. On April 19th, the Education Department proposed a new rule to encourage school districts to add critical race theory to the schools civics curriculum.

#Trump #ChauvinVerdict #MaxineWaters
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Chauvin verdict influenced by Biden, Waters & riot threats; Biden gives Orwellian orders to ICE & CBP

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Author: {Eye Opener with Michael Lewis}