Trump’ Serious For Second Term and Plan For 2022; Maxine Waters Asked For Police Escort

Breaking: Derek Chauvin Guilty On All Charges

00:00 Trump’s Interview With Sean Hannity
02:35 Maxine Waters Requested Police Escort; Officer Brian Sicknick Death Due To Stroke
11:24 Manhanttan Private School Teaching Critical Race Theory
16:06 Project Veritas Sues & Vaccine Passport

Officer Sicknick from the Capitol protest is ruled a natural death from strokes. A story used to manipulate the public’s perception of what happened that day on January 6th. The NYT manufactured a lie about his death from being hit in the head with a fire extinguisher.

Maxine Waters requested police escort, something she desperately tried to criticize. I guess every hypocrite turns to the police when their safety is on the line.

Project Veritas and James O’Keefe are suing Twitter. What could this mean for the future of the fight against big tech?

And, a math teacher from a Manhattan private school released audio suggesting the head of the school wants critical race theory and radical ideas engrained in the kids’ minds.
All that and more.

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Trump’s "Serious" For Second Term and Plan For 2022; Maxine Waters Asked For Police Escort
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