P&G to Hike Prices on Household Items; 52% of Millennials Regret Student Loans: Poll | NTD Business

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NTD Business News- 4/20/2021
1. Apple Launches a Series of New Products
2. Texas Police to Demand Tesla Crash Data
3. P&G to Hike Prices on Household Staples
4. Paypal’s Venmo Launches Crypto Features
5. Central Bank: EU Banks Underestimating Risk
6. EU Regulator Backs J&J Vaccine, Despite Risk
7. Ariz. Bans Govt. From Requiring Vax Passports
8. Get Paid to Move to West Virginia and Work from Home
9. 52% of Millennials Regret Student Loans: Poll
10. New Bill Aims to Protect American Workers
11. Taco Bell to Recycle, Reuse Hot Sauce Packets
12. Startup 3D Prints Houses to Combat Shortage
13. Amazon Opens Its Own Hair Salon
14. Entrepreneur Weathers Lockdown With Flowers
15. Is Travel Insurance Right for You?

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