Exposed! BLM funds Democrat groups; Largest pro-Trump group launched; Pentagon confirms UFO video

The Georgia Election Reform Saga is not over yet. Corporations continue attacking the voting laws and threaten to boycott the state by moving their businesses somewhere else. Now, Fortune 500 corporate executives, Wall Street firms, and attorneys at some of the nation’s largest law offices are working with the Brennan Justice Center to pressure lawmakers of other states, not to pass similar election reforms. The corporate coalition, led by Former American Express chief executive Kenneth Chenault and Merck chief executive Kenneth Frazier, is seeking to sue states for passing election reforms while threatening to pull their business endeavors from states that pass related legislation. Hundreds of corporations, including Starbucks, Amazon, and Netflix, have signed a letter signaling their opposition.

On the VP side, after 3 weeks of inaction on the migrant surge, Harris finally confirmed she is not visiting the border at Wednesday’s press conference. Harris said Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas is in charge of that aspect of the crisis and she has, quote, “been asked to address the root causes.” So she isn’t taking any more initiative; she is doing exactly what she’s been told to do. Harris also reminded Americans that when Biden was President Obama’s No. 2, he was also in charge of addressing the “root causes” at the border. Looks like Harris has been following an unspoken protocol inherited from the Obama era.

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Exposed! BLM funds Democrat groups; Largest pro-Trump group launched; Pentagon confirms UFO video

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Author: {Eye Opener with Michael Lewis}