Trump Applaud “America First” Groups; Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream is the Latest Woke Mob

00:00 Kamla visiting Mexico; Trump applauds American First Groups
07:33 Ben and Jerry’s New Woke Minds; cancel culture catches to MLB
14:48 China Visit, two delegations to Taiwan and mainland
19:00 CNN Exposed Again

CNN is exposed again by Project Veritas. But there is a catch this time. The constant lies don’t stop at just getting Trump out of office.

The Biden administration sent two teams, one to China, one to Taiwan. That as Japan is pressured to join the US in a statement to support Taiwan. Why is Japan hesitant?

Trump is supporting different groups for continuing his America First policies. Including a newly launched nonprofit called AFPI. That and Kamala Harris is going to Mexico instead of the border. The focus of the GOP and Democrats are not on the same page.

A new woke corporation joins the fight. Ben and Jerry’s decided it’s not ice cream anymore, it wokes season.

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Trump Applaud "America First" Groups; Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream is the Latest Woke Mob

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