Just in Case


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Author: Black Conservative Patriot

One thought on “Just in Case”

  1. I only started watching your UTube channel several weeks ago. I found your comments polite and truthful, and unbiased. As we all know truthful was was why the trolls went after your channel. . I’m banned for several more weeks from FB for posting video and articles of prominient world reknown PhD disease and Vaccine designers warning people about the COVID vaccines. I’m confident that there are paid groups of people that troll social media platforms and bogusly coordinate attacks and report (pile-on) to purposely deplatform channels and people. China-CCP had and may still has entire services centers dedicated to this kind of effort. Once the platforms like Utube and FB receive enough of these reports, an AI programs fips the off switch on the channel or poster. Getting a real person to help is impossible.