Fauci sent MILLIONS to Wuhan lab for coronavirus study; Florida & Texas ban vaccine passport

As Dr. Fauci’s credibility rapidly plunged in recent weeks, the real scandal of his secret dealing with the CCP’s virus lab is in the spotlight again. Republican Rep. Scott Perry recently pointed out it’s “very concerning” that NIAID, led by Fauci bypassed federal oversight with its funding of the WIV. Perry said, “When it comes to oversight of U.S. tax dollars headed to the Chinese Communist Party, Dr. Fauci seems like he’s literally whistling past the graveyard.”

DeSantis repeatedly criticized the proposals for vaccine passports. He forbids local governments and businesses in Florida from requiring vaccine certificates saying, “vaccination records are private health information” and shouldn’t be shared by a mandate.

The MLB is echoing the narrative of the Left that falsely claims Georgia’s new voting law stops voters in line from getting water, restricts voting hours, and shortens the early voting window. All these allegations have proven to be false, but the league says its decision to move the All-Star Game reflects its values the best.

Trump blasts Fauci and Birx after CNN doc;DeSantis to take executive action against vaccine passport: https://youtu.be/Gam-nSOnAUE

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Fauci sent MILLIONS to Wuhan lab for coronavirus study; Florida & Texas ban vaccine passport

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