Ron DeSantis Destroys Fake “60 Minutes” Narrative; Greg Abbott Order: Texas Bans Vaccine Passport

00:00 Intro
00:06 CCP Information Warfare
04:53 Ron DeSantis Fights Back Against "60 Minutes"
14:48 Vaccine Passport & Georgia Update

Ron DeSantis is looking solid after an attempted hit job from CBS’s "60 Minutes". This comes as a "pay to play" narrative was utterly destroyed, not only by Republicans but also Democrats too.

Then we look at the development around the MLB moving their game to Colorado, which also has Voter ID laws in place, so what is the big deal?

Also, the CCP’s expertise on information warfare is a good topic to discuss tonight. All that and more.

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Ron DeSantis Destroys Fake "60 Minutes" Narrative; Greg Abbott Order: Texas Bans Vaccine Passport

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