Trump: Biden’s $2T plan is a giveaway to China; Greene push to fire Fauci & Ban vaccine passports

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene introduced 2 bills on April 1st. One of the bills, the ‘Fire Fauci Act’ which would cut Anthony Fauci’s salary to ZERO. Greene said “Americans deserve better than a self-promoting career bureaucrat like Fauci, who spent the last year getting it wrong almost all the time. According to the Washington Examiner, Anthony Fauci is among the top paid federal workers at a salary of $434,000.

After the $1.9 Trillion American Rescue Plan rolled out, Biden unveiled the next phase of his legislative agenda in Pittsburgh on Wednesday: another $2.2 Trillion Infrastructure Plan. It got a grand name – the American Jobs Plan. Following Biden’s announcement of the $2 Trillion infrastructure proposal, Trump issued a long statement criticizing this move and pointed out the plan is a “massive giveaway to China”.

Republicans in at least seven states have introduced proposals that would ban the teaching concepts of the quasi-Marxist critical race theory (CRT). The measures range from banning government agencies from conducting training based on the theory to prohibiting the incorporation of the concepts into school curriculum.

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Trump: Biden’s $2T plan is a giveaway to China; Greene push to fire Fauci & Ban vaccine passports

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Author: {Eye Opener with Michael Lewis}