President Biden establishes White House Gender Policy Council through executive order

(INTELLIHUB) — The White House Gender Policy Council was established through Executive Order 14020 signed by President Joe Biden that focuses on pushing “women and girls” to participate fully in society. However, the purpose of the integration may more sinister than one might think. Although the plan seems good on the surface, there could be more to it.

The policy approved in early-March aims at “advancing gender equity and equality” as “a matter of human rights, justice, and fairness.” But appears to mask the fact that more women in the workplace equal more tax revenue and a larger gross domestic product. And the verbiage in the policy doesn’t appear to be hiding it.

“It is also a strategic imperative that reduces poverty and promotes economic growth, increases access to education, improves health outcomes, advances political stability, and fosters democracy,” states Section 1 of the policy. “The full participation of all people—including women and girls—across all aspects of our society is essential to the economic well-being, health, and security of our Nation and of the world.”

The policy allows the Federal Government to promote “workplace diversity, fairness, and inclusion across the Federal workforce and military.”

And while the policy supports women’s human rights it seeks to introduce women into the workplace by empowering women and girls.

Additionally, Section 3 of the policy calls for a strategic plan to be submitted within 200 days from the signing of the executive order that will “include recommendations on policies, programs, and initiatives that should be proposed, passed, or implemented to advance gender equity and equality in the United States and around the world.” The Biden Administration wants to push the plan on a world-scale. This is nothing more than globalization at its finest.

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Author: Lexi Morgan