More Black Americans in Chicago Buy Guns; Most Americans Want to Stay Tough on China: Survey | NTD

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00:00 Movie Theaters Reopen in New York City
Movie theaters are open again in New York City. They were closed for almost an entire year. NTD’s Arian Pasdar has more on the re-opening and its impact on the movie industry.

01:40 California Bay Area Resumes Indoor Dining
People in San Francisco’s Bay Area can start eating out together, indoors—in some counties. Though locals say they have mixed feelings about it.

03:50 Crimes in Chicago Drive Need for Self-Defense
Chicago is turning more violent this year with a record number of shootings and car-jackings. More people are also buying firearms and visiting gun ranges.

06:51 Americans Want to Stay Tough on China: Survey
A new survey shows that most Americans want President Biden to be tough on the Chinese regime. Americans’ view of the regime is worsening significantly since 2018.

08:29 Dognapping From Social Media
A report in UK shows that dognapping is on the rise, but why would someone steal a dog? And how do they find their targets?

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Crimes in Chicago Drive Need for Self-Defense; Americans Want to Stay Tough on China: Survey | NTD

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