Senate Passes Bill Combating CCP Censorship; 1,600 Illegal Immigrants Arrested in One Border Sector

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00:00 1,600 Illegal Immigrants Arrested in One Border Sector
Several GOP members of the Subcommittee on Immigration and Citizenship are calling for a hearing. They want to know if the Biden Administration has a plan to stop the surge of migrants at the border. This, as 1600 arrests are made in a ‘single border sector.’ Among them—criminals, and a previously deported sex offender.

02:45 New Election After 78% of Votes Found Invalid
A new run-off election has been ordered by a judge in Mississippi, and a notary has been arrested. This, after over three-quarters of one town’s absentee ballots—cast in the June Democratic runoff election—were found to be invalid.

03:45 Senate Passes Bill Combating CCP Censorship
US colleges will now be able to push back against Chinese Communist censorship on campus. That’s because the Senate has just passed a new bill targeting Beijing-funded Confucius Institutes.

05:37 Report: Chao Unethical as Transportation Sec.
The Transportation Department’s watchdog found that Elaine Chao was up to some unethical business. They asked the Department of Justice to investigate, but the DOJ turned them down.

07:25 Two States Pass Transgender Bills
Alabama and Mississippi lawmakers pass bills on transgender issues. This, as conservatives, fear that the Biden Administration’s push for LGBTQ policies could result in discrimination against religious people.

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Heavy Security but No Protesters at Capitol;
1,600 Migrants Arrested in One Border Sector | NTD

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