New Local Election After 78% Mail-In Ballots Deemed Invalid; Youtube Suspends RSBN Over Trump Speech

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00:00 NTD Evening News—3/4/2021
01:17 Heavy Security but No Protesters at Capitol
03:42 New Election After 78% of Votes Found Invalid
04:49 1,600 Migrants Arrested in One Border Sector
07:20 Record Number of Drug Overdose Deaths
07:59 Police Reform Bill Passes House, On to Senate
10:50 Report: Chao Unethical as Transportation Sec.
12:38 CCP Virus Kills Over 10,600 Veterans
15:04 YouTube Suspends Account for Posting Trump
15:43 Two States Pass Transgender Bills
16:44 Senate Passes Bill Combating CCP Censorship
18:36 Public Libraries Keeping Dr. Seuss Books
20:00 Connecticut Lifting Most Store Restrictions
21:01 California Small Businesses Work to Adapt
22:49 La Opens Tiny Home Village for the Homeless
25:43 Loose Boat Dock Floating Downstream Ky River
26:18 Disney Closing 60 Stores in US, Canada
26:59 3 Earthquakes in New Zealand, Tsunami Warning
29:59 CCP Report Uses New Language on Hong Kong
31:48 HK Removed From Economic Freedom Index
32:56 German Warship to Cross South China Sea
33:59 Expert: U.S.-China Battlefield Moves Under Water
39:21 Scientists Find Alien ‘Super-Earth’ Planet
40:20 SpaceX Starship Rocket Explodes After Landing
41:06 Honda to Sell ‘Level 3’ Self-Driving Car
42:52 Phone App Checks Vital Signs With Face Scan
44:49 Wanted: Moon Mission Crew, No Experience Req.
46:34 The Pet Whisperer of Fukushima
49:39 Miss Universe Competition to Return in May
50:05 Mississippi Blues Musician Up for Grammy
52:09 Endangered Baby Rhino Takes First Steps

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New Local Election After 78% Mail-In Ballots Deemed Invalid; Youtube Suspends RSBN Over Trump Speech

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